Sustainable Biomass Markets and International Trade to support the biobased economy


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Event 2017

18-19 May: The international workshop Sustainability of bioenergy supply chains was organised at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Södra Hamngatan 59, Gothenburg, Sweden. Abtract of presentations could be found here. If you are interested in the workshop presentations, please follow the link below for more details:


14 March: Welcome to join us on an international webinar The European Wood Pellet For Small-Scaling Heating by Fabian Schipfer and Task 40 representatives.

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Events 2016

I. 6th Annual USIPA Exporting Conference, November 6-8, 2016, Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Task 40 breakfast session: Overview of current developments in the wood pellet industry and market

Daniela Thrän presented the Overview of current developments in the wood pellet industry and market which is the most popular topic among Task 40 readers. The US indicates the highest global production of 6.8 Mt in 2014 which is mainly for export whilst Germany is the country with highest production in Europe, 2.2 Mt but one third of its production is for domestic consumption. In general, Europe still demonstrates the highest production region and there are quality standards ENplus for wood pellet. In addition, Thrän introduced another Task 40 study on The European wood pellet market for small-scale heating, the results showed that Italy is the main importing country whilst  Austria has the largest uni-directional trade and Germany indicates the strongest bi-directional trade of the small-scale heating sector.

Michael Wild continued the section on The future role of processed pellets and torrefaction technologies. Torrefaction shows a number of advantages such as high volumetric energy densification, limited or no biodegradation of product when stored, significant cost savings in logistics  and large variety of applications in power, process heat and heating . He underlined that a large number of torrefaction developers around the world are active producing almost identical product following ISO 17225-8TS and some torrefied products are already available to be used not only in coal power plants but in various sectors such as iron and steel, chemical and pulp and paper. Market of torrefied products has just begun its growing path and volumes will continue to increase.

Issues of sustainability requirements for wood pellets as well as standards for torrefied products have received interests from workshop attendees. The presenters answered that there are defined sustainability criteria for wood pellets in the EU and standards such as water residence of torrefied pellets are being developed and tested. Task 40 leader commented that as volume of torrefied pellets are still small, it should be measured and controlled to avoid risks in logistics. Another Task 40 member mentioned that Asia market is promising, especially Japan for torrefied products. The presentation will be shared with USIPA attendees and Task 40 subscribers.

II. International Wood Biorefining Week, Stockholm, Sweden, 24-26 May 2016

The International Wood Biorefining Week (IWB) is the leading international event for the woodbased biorefining industries. Several parallel conference tracks focus on bioenergy and biobased products and innovations. The conference hosted a large number of interesting speakers speaking on four parallel conference tracks. Among the speakers were specialists from the forest industry as well as other manufacturing industries with an interest in biobased products. During the first day there was a common opening ceremony followed by a session focusing on the biomass markets.

Task 40 members presented in the session Sustainable and Intelligent Bioeconomy. Lena Bruce (Sveaskog, Sweden) gave a presentation on The Forest Resource for the Bioeconomy whilst Patrick Lamers (Idaho National Laboratory, US) discussed about Developing the Global Bioeconomy – Technical, Market and Environmental lessons from Bioenergy. Olle Olsson (Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden), presented his study with Task 40 colleagues on Cascading of Wood Biomass – Principles, Policies and Effects on Market and Trade.

III. Workshop: Technical Requirements for Torrefied Biomass, Rotterdam 25-26 January 2016

These workshops, co-organised by IBTC and Task 40 with the support of AEBIOM, are a unique opportunity for participants to develop a better understanding of fuel requirements and fuel possibilities in terms of sourcing, processing and consumption of biomass – to allow adjustments on both ends, resulting in an increase of biomass traded for energy.

The workshops will be organised as “Open Space” events, a highly effective method to facilitate self-organised group discussions. It strongly encourages interaction and it is an ideal way to set the scene for a complex topic. A lively discussion shall trigger a better understanding of the market needs and help the product to fulfill them. It will also support the establishment of a network of cooperation.

Who should attend? Torrefied biomass fuel producers, boiler manufacturers, gasification companies, heating and cooling equipment suppliers, logistics companies, biomass traders and many more. The workshop on the 25th targets professionals interested in small to medium applications while the workshop on the 26th concerns industrial applications such as co-firing in pulverised coal boilers. For full programmes and more information click here