Nora Lange

DBFZ- Deutsches Biomasse Forschungszentrum

Leipzig, Germany

Contact: nora.lange[at]



Role in Task and related activities

Task 40 Secretary

What the world should know about me

After her degree in landscape ecology (University of Oldenburg, Germany), Nora expanded her experience in the fields of collection management (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin 2007-2013), where she was responsible for the communication and support of international collection users and loan transactions as well as the supervision of the sampling of objects in a collection. Subsequently, she worked in nature conservation planning (engineering office until 2016). Since 2017, she is part of the department Bioenergy systems at DBFZ and focuses on projects in the field of bioeconomy. In cooperation with experts, she models material flows and investigates the current biomass flows in Germany. In her leisure time, she adores all plants in her little garden.