Inter-task project BECCUS phase 2

Management of Biogenic CO2: BECCUS (Phase 2)

This project, which comprises eight working packages, aims 1) to facilitate cross-Task, cross-TCP and cross-sector learning on bio-CCUS, 2) to shed light on (bio)energy system integration of bio-CCUS and 3) to address CO2 mitigation potential of bio-CCUS. It will allow for a more systemic consideration of how to take different BECCUS applications to deployment, thereby building upon, but going beyond, Phase 1. Collaboration is forseen with various TCPs (IETS, GHG, ETSAP).

Participating Tasks

8 out of 11 IEA Bioenergy Tasks participating. Task 40 (deployment), Task 32 (combustion), Task 33 (gasification), Task 34 (DTL), Task 36 (waste), Task 37 (biogas), Task 44 (flexibility) and Task 45 (sustainability).


01/06/2022 – 31/12/2024


Christiane Hennig (Task 40, Germany), Christian Bang (Task 40, Denmark)


Key questions that are addressed: Which technologies/concepts are (potentially) available? What are the requirements for the deployment of BECCUS? In a given situation should biogenic CO2 be sequestered, or utilised? How to monetise the carbon negative products that bioenergy can deliver? How is the GHG/climate accounting for the different concepts? How to govern the different energy system services?

Work packages