Judith Buchmaier

AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies

Gleisdorf, Austria



Role in Task and related activities

Task 40 member

IEA IETS TCP Task 17, Lead WP Emerging membrane technologies

What the world should know about me

Judith Buchmaier (Dipl.Ing.) has a master degree in biotechnology and technical chemistry, since March 2014 she works at AEE INTEC in the department Technology Development. The focus of her work are process intensification technologies, primarily oscillatory reactor design and applications in the bio-based industry as well as the membrane distillation in different areas of application. She coordinates and participates in several national and European projects in the field of energy and resource efficiency for biorefineries and industry, bio-based technology development and process intensification. Judith Buchmaier is also an external lector at the University of Applied Science at FH Burgenland “Industrial Water Management”. In 2021 she started her PHD thesis on „Continuous enzymatic hydrolysis in oscillatory flow rheology as process intensification strategy for biorefineries”. She speaks German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, understands French and Italian.